Live Sale Policies & FAQs

We’re so excited you want to participate in our Live Sales on Instagram! Our Live Sales are a super fun and exciting way to access exclusive prices on unique specimens and crystals, all while hanging out with our ever-growing Crystal Crew. Please read the rules below and if you have any questions about them during the live, ask away! We created these policies to ensure our sales run smoothly, and that we’re being fair to everyone. Please note that by participating in our Instagram Live Sales you state that you have read and agreed to our Live Sale Policies listed below.

Our Rules

  1. Items are tagged with a price, a letter, or both. Claim items by typing "BFC $PRICE" and include the letter if applicable. BFC of course stands for But First Crystals!
  2. The first correct claim, as shown on our screen, gets the item. Due to different internet connections, your comments will almost always show up first on your own screen. If you keep claiming but aren't coming through, try adding an emoji to every claim, as this helps Instagram from blocking/filtering your comments. We want everybody to get something they love during our lives!
  3. You are expected to purchase the item(s) you claim. We send invoices out through Quickbooks the night of the Live, or the morning after at the latest. We expect payment arrangements (pay-in-full or payment plan) to be made within 24 hours of invoices being sent. We appreciate you being so on top of this!
  4. Please no swaps or put-backs during the live sale. We understand mistakes happen, and we will put back claims made in error. However, abuse of our Live Sale policies by excessive put-backs or swaps may limit your ability to participate in future Live Sales. Multiple customers try to claim an item at the same time in our Live Sales, so backing out of a claim after invoices are sent is not fair to the other customers. Backing out of orders or not communicating with us when an invoice is due will likely lead to a ban from our Live Sales.
  5. If you are eligible for a payment plan and would like to take advantage of it, a link will appear as an option when we send your invoice. Click the link and follow the instructions to complete the payment plan process.
  6. If you have issues with your invoice, please send us an e-mail at as this is the fastest way to reach a resolution. Please do not DM us unless you are not able to get a timely response via e-mail. We check this address often, but please allow 4 hours for a response during weekdays, and up to 8 hours on weekends.
  7. DUE TO A HIGH VOLUME OF DM'S after a live sale we cannot send pictures or videos of items that you claimed during the live. We recommend taking a screenshot on your phone during the sale (or the replay!) to see the items you claimed. If there was an issue with your claimed item or it needs to be put back, please e-mail
  8. Please note that by participating in our Instagram Live Sales you state that you have read and agreed to our Live Sale Policies listed above.


Live Sale Payment Plans

We offer our customers the ability to use a payment plan to purchase large items or orders, including Live Sale invoices. Any order over $100 (after discount, and before taxes and shipping) is eligible for a payment plan through When we email your invoice, there will be a link near the bottom offering the Payment Plan option. Click on the link and it will take you to's payment portal where you will setup your account, select your terms, and start your plan!

How do I start a payment plan?
If your invoice is over $100 (after discount and before taxes/shipping), you are eligible for a payment plan. A payment link option will be on your invoice that we send through Quickbooks.

What are the terms of the payment plan?
We offer some flexibility on our payment plan terms. We require 25-50% down payment, and up to 4 weeks to pay. There is a 3% fee for all payment plans, to help cover our costs associated with the payment plan provider. All payments are set to automatically occur on a weekly basis until the plan is paid off.

Will you ship my items before I finish paying?
We ship items on payment plans only AFTER all payments have been made.

Can I pay off my plan early?
Absolutely! You can manually submit payments by logging into your account on Please read this article for more information.

I started a payment plan but cannot finish it! Can you cancel the plan and refund my money?
We understand unexpected events come up in life. We can cancel a payment plan and refund any amount paid, minus a 20% restocking fee (on the total order amount).

Can I add/subtract items on my payment plan after it is started?
We cannot add or subtract items from a payment plan after it has been started. You are welcome to start a new payment plan on any additional items, or purchase the items separately. Items that need to be returned can be refunded after the payment plan has been completed (minus 20% restocking fee).